noise survey on Mearsk Reacher 2012 in Norwegian waters

Standards and procedures for noise measurement offshore and on board ships.

Technisch bureau van Eeden has all necessary knowledge about, and the equipment to conduct a survey regarding exposure to noise or vibration in relation to the following guidelines, procedures and limits.

IMO resolution 468: Noise on board ships

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) published at set of noise limits together with outlines on how to conduct a survey. The current version of this noise code is from 2014. It's the intention that SOLAS will refer to the Noise Code of the IMO, thus stimulating its use.

Offshore in Norway: Norsok S-002 and S-005

A fairly detailed list of noise limits, depending on the nature of the space or room, makes part of the working environment requirements for the Norwegian off shore. Measurement procedures are described scarcely, Technisch bureau van Eeden can provide knowledge for sensible and practical ways on how to conduct a noise survey.
Machines intended to be used in Norwegian waters should be supplied with a Norsok data sheet.
Norsok requirements are sometimes adopted by rig owners outside Norway.

EEMUA 140 - Noise Procedure Specification

The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association published a rather comprehensive booklet on noise measurement, to be used for controlling noise in petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries. It is gives a summary of the 1981 version of ISO 3744 and ISO 3746 (both superseded by three revisions!). In addition to this it gives some background about the influence of near-field (not in ISO) and influence of directivity and acoustical environment. The latter influences are now incorporated in recent ISO versions. The EEMUA publication 140 contains no noise limits.

Machinery directive

The machinery directive does not cover equipment for use on seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units. The machinery directive refers to the IMO codes. But: IMO rules do not cover drilling and production equipment. Products solely provided for drilling and production, which do not serve in any way for normal shipboard activities, are included in the scope of the Machinery Directive.

International Maritime Organization