Standards for noise measurement regarding machines and equipment.

For many families of machines specific noise test code can be found in EU harmonized standards on machinery safety. Not all machinery safety standards contain a noise test code. Figuring out if there is a specific noise test code is quite an effort alas. The scope of an EU harmonised standards should indicate if noise is covered, and the table of content should include an item 'noise test code'. If no specific noise test code is available the basic standards, as in the table below, apply for in situ measurement. In that case operating conditions shall be carefully selected and reported, for example.

EN ISO 12001 "Rules for the drafting and presentation of a noise test code" describes the requirements for noise test codes for specific machines. If no specific noise test code exists this standard can be used as guidance regarding the aspect to be covered, although it is not intended to be used for individual cases. The B-standards below shall be complied with.


engineering accuracy

survey accuracy

Emission sound
pressure level

ISO 11201
ISO 11204
ISO 11205

ISO 11202
ISO 11203 (calculus using sound power)

Sound power level

ISO 3744
ISO 3747 (comparison method)

ISO 3746
ISO 3747 (comparison method)