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December 2021

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Noise measurements on machines, an introduction

May 2018

New publication

Technisch bureau van Eeden has written an introduction to noise measurements that are needed to comply with the information requirements of the machinery directive. It will generally address the aspects of the measurement environment and conditions, the way of declaration et cetera. Manufacturers and engineers can obtain better insight what kind of information is needed to prepare the measurements, purchasers can get better insight on how to assess the integrity of the noise data supplied by manufacturers. Examples of measurements and declarations will be included. The full publication is available in hard copy, for 20,00 including shipping within Europe.
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New Approach Consultant machinery noise

Update April 2018
The system has changed to HAS Consultants (Harmonised Standards Consultant). The tasks remain the same, the execution shall be in closer contact with the European Commission, and the work is managed by EY instead of CEN.

December 2016
Michiel van Eeden is appointed by CEN as new approach consultant regarding machinery noise in relation to the Machinery Directive. A new approach consultant is an independent expert whose role is to provide guidance and advice to the Technical Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups preparing draft European Standards intended to support New Approach Directives. The New Approach Consultant also assesses the compliance of draft Harmonized Standards with the requirements of the piece of EU legislation they aim to cover and of the relevant standardization request. This task does not imply that CEN of EY is, in any way, involved in Technisch bureau van Eeden, or that these parties endorses its activities.

Second edition ISO 11200

June 2014

Noise emitted by machinery and equipment -- Guidelines for the use of basic standards for the determination of emission sound pressure levels at a work station and at other specified positions

This document gives an overview of the standards ISO 11201 through 11205 which are mainly intended for devices which are subject to the Machinery Directive. ISO 11200 helps and gives guidance on how to select the most appropriate standard of this range. The factors which determine the choice are, amongst others, the size and directivity of the source, the acoustic environment and the desired accuracy. A case example of a measurement is included. In order to execute and finish a measurement using one of the standards in the range 11201-11205 it is required that your are fully informed about, and comprehend the content of the standard that you use.
ISO 11200: 2014 is accepted as EN (harmonised standard under the machinery directive).

New IMO publication "Noise levels on board ships"


April 2014: Revision of the code
The Code, adopted by resolution MSC.337(91), recognizes the need to establish mandatory noise level limits for machinery spaces, control rooms, workshops, accommodation and other spaces on board ships, and enters into force on July 1st 2014.

Legal status

The Code of 1982 was informative with the purpose "to stimulate and promote noise control ...". The newly published Code is mandatory, for new ships - supposedly ships build from July 2014 - from a gross tonnage of 1,600.

Modern techniques

The code it adapted to the state of art regarding the instrumentation for, and the way on how to measure noise. For example: class 1 instruments have to be used and periodic calibration by a accredited laboratory is needed. Of course the equivalent noise level is the main measurant. C-weighted equivalent and peak levels must be measure in some circumstances.

Limits - annexes

All the noise level limits remain the same with a few exceptions: on ships larger than gross tonnage 10,000 the limits for all accommodation spaces are 5 dB more stringent, with exception for recreational spaces were the noise limit remains the same. A noise survey must be executed for each new ship.

More informative annexes are added with guidance on how to calculate noise exposure, how to calculate the effect of hearing protectors (HML method in a practical way), how to include noise issues in safety management and some suggestions regarding noise reduction.

IMO publication I817E - ISBN 978-92-801-1578-9