Noise Outdoor equipment

Outdoor noise directive 2000/14/EC

The outdoor noise directive 2000/14/EU sets out noise requirements for equipment used outdoor. The directive gives an extensive and detailed list of all equipment for which the requirements apply. Typical machines covered by the directive find their use in forestry and construction, but also carbage collection for example. All types of machinery covered by this directive must be labelled with the guaranteed sound power level before they can be introduced in European market. For a part of the machines the sound power level must comply with a limit value.

The noise measurements for all types of machines covered by this directive must be executed following the noise test codes given in this directive. The noise measurements of the machines for which a maximum sound power level exists must be validated by a notified body, or warranted by a accredited internal quality system of the manufacturer.

Relation with machinery directive

The requirements of the outdoor noise directive are additional to the requirements of the Machinery directive.
For the machinery directive the noise level for the operator (the emission sound pressure level) must be determined and declared, for the outdoor directive the sound power level must be declared. The machinery directive only requires a declaration the sound power level if the emission sound pressure level exceeds 80 dB(A).

Noise reduction

One of the aims of the directive is to stimulate the development, production and use of quiet machines thus creating a less noisy living environment. In general traffic is by far more noisy, and will probably remain that for a long period of time, in some areas the directive can indeed have some effect. The data of the measurements are gathered and evaluated. The possibility to lower the limits is studied for each family of the machines.

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