Equipment list

RION NA-28 Precision sound level meter*
 - Building acoustics software
 - Sound recording software (calibrated recordings)
 - Prosig DATS lite wave analysis software

RION NL-52 Precision sound level meter*
 - real time frequency software

Cel 360 / IS noise dose meter, intrinsically safe**
Cel dBadge2 plus noise dose meters

Norsonic 1256 Acoustic calibrator* dual frequency, dual level

Dodecahedron loudspeaker Norsonic 276
 - Noise generator / power amplifier Norsonic 280

Brel & Kjr Sound Source 4224

Reference Sound Source: Rotodyne/Technisch bureau van Eeden
 - calibrated and validated in conformance with ISO 6926

Impact sound generator: ANV TM02*

Dual channel FFT analyser Brul & Kjr 2148 (0,7 Hz - 25kHz)
Dual channel RT analyser Brul & Kjr 2144 (0,7 Hz - 25kHz) with intensity probe 3520

RION VM-54 3-channel vibration meter
 - whole body vibration transducer and software
 - hand- arm vibration transducer and software
 - FFT analysis software

 - Brul & Kjr 4294 Vibration exciter (field calibrator)
 - 1" low noise microphones and appropriate pre-amps
 - ½" high frequency microphone and appropriate pre-amps
 - various accelerometers and conditioning amplifiers
 - microphone extension cables
 - stands
 - sub-woofer/power amplifier/filters

*: calibrated by a certified laboratory using traceable standards (ISO 17025 - Raad voor Accreditatie, DKD or UKAS)
**: EEx ia, I, IM1, II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4